Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spotlight on AGP Member Daniele Derenzi

Daniele & Neice at AGP's Buddy Show

The Art Guild of Pacifica is a dynamic collection of people that are rich in capabilities, artistic experience, teamwork, and most of all talent.  There is so much talent that I wish I could blog about every single AGP member all at once.  I’ll have to settle for one member at a time beginning with AGP Treasurer, Daniele Derenzi.

Daniele has been doing art and photography for years and states she’s identified as an artist since she was seven.  Early interest in fashion design and the camera she received on her 18th birthday helped steer her endeavors in a multi-faceted approach to creativity.  She enjoys painting and craft-making, but photography is no doubt her first and favorite love.

From the Pacifica Community Center's Exhibition
Artistic inspiration comes in many ways, but for Daniele it’s about nature.  She never has to go far to find the wildlife, natural landscape, and ocean that inspire her work.  To Daniele, Pacifica’s coastal environment is the perfect place to live and create, so why leave? Consequently, you’ll see these themes present in her creativity time and time again. 

From the Pacifica Community Center's Exhibition
You can frequently find Daniele at the Sanchez Art Center or the Oceana Gallery where she volunteers much of her time on behalf of the Art Guild and is an integral part of Oceana Gallery’s core committee.  You can find her work in any number of community shows or fairs in the Peninsula including Pacifica’s Fog Fest, St. Peter’s Church, Pacifica’s Elf Market and Half Moon Bay’s Johnson House.  Currently, she has an exhibition at the Pacifica Community Center, where you can view a well-rounded collection of photography and paintings. She’s also got a piece in Ocean Gallery’s current show entitled “Live and Current”.  Her website is here.

If you’re a member of the Art Guild of Pacifica and would like to see your creative endeavors included in the AGP Blog, feel free to blog it yourself (any member can be linked up to do so by reaching out to Michael Risenhoover), or let us know and we’ll get you blogged as soon as we can!

Blogged by Donna L. Faber
AGP Secretary

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